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These people welcome you :D



Hello all,

Sorry for the shamefully long absence, I've been super busy with exams, lab work and then holidays. Next year I'll be even busier with my degree, so we're looking for a new mod to join the team to help us with submissions when things get backed up. Looking for someone who:

:bulletpink: Can log on to vote on submissions at least twice a week - we're not a big group, but I don't like to keep people waiting and absences can often be long ones for some of us, so being active is good :)

:bulletpink: Please have a good look through the gallery and rules to get an idea of what kind of work we accept and don't accept - our focus is on high quality female centric artwork of all media

:bulletpink: It would also be lovely if every week or so (or just as you browse the site) you could look around for pieces that you think our gallery can't do without, and add them to the group, as well as inviting the artist to join us. That way more people can join in the fun!

If you're interested, please send me, ILoveBigCats a note!




Hi All!!!

We are in a bit of a transfer bind here:  people moving, people dropping out, people not able to connect to the webz.  It's been kinda crazy.  So, until things get all sorted out I'm going to ask that nobody submit their works to the Featured folder.  All those submissions have to be manually moved and right now only one active member has that ability; and she's the one that lost her Internet while moving.  So please give us a hand for awhile until things are straightened out.  I hope that we can get a ruling from our group goddess.  Please?  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

And we still need more help!!!

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Submission Guidelines

~Biauté~ displays some of the most beautiful, inventive and inspiring female-centric artwork to be found on DeviantART, be it photography, illustration, sculptures and anything to be found in between.

We hope to provide only top quality artwork that will both inspire and amaze.

EDIT: This group is now open to join :D


Rules and guidelines for submissions:

- Quality -

It is important to note that Biauté is a group dedicated as much to quality as it is to the female form. We are particularly passionate about unique and beautifully presented artwork!

Tradtional - Traditional artwork must either be scanned or photographed with a high quality camera. All images must be cropped accordingly, so that only the artwork itself is present in the image.

Digital and Photomanipulation - Digital artwork should be of high quality and crisp. Any images with pixellation and unintentional blurriness will not be accepted. Please note, if any stocks have been used in your artwork, you are required to reference them - if you have failed to do so your work will not be accepted into the group.

Photography - Photography follows much the same guidelines as traditional and digital. High quality camera images ONLY, this means any poor camera phone images, generic holiday shots, deviantID style images, etc etc will not be accepted. This being said, impressive polaroid shots are encouraged!

3D Media - Again, any 3D media submitted must have high quality photographs. Sculpts/jewellery/models submitted must be finished to a high standard.

PLEASE NOTE! WIP images will not be accepted into the group.

- Subject Matter -

Obviously, any artwork submitted to the group must have female subject/s, and any images with sharing male subject/s will be declined. Likewise, we want images of adult women only. We want to focus on the strength and versatility of the female form, and the power of women, so any tasteless and/or hard core pornographic images, or images that portray women in ANY negative light will be declined. That being said, we encourage nude artwork to be submitted, along with respectful fetish based artwork. Our rule of thumb is, if it makes us angry, it won't go in!

It also worth noting at this point that any self portraits submitted must have artistic value to them. You may be the most gorgeous thing the grace the earth, but if it's just you pouting, holding a peace sign and proudly displaying your new underwear, we aren't really interested.

- Mediums -

As stated, artwork of ANY medium can be submitted, and yes this includes dolls/jewellery/sculpts/murals etc etc provided it fits in with the them of the group! CorvusWells has a background in jewellery design and production and a partner doing modelmaking, so is very excited to have work in these mediums submitted! The only thing to remember is that each medium must submit to the above guidelines.

- Shoots and Series -

Experience with other groups have taught us that is very difficult to deal with artists who submit images from the same shoot/set or series of artwork. In order to prevent this problem from occuring in Biauté, if you submit images from the same set ALL IMAGES WILL BE DECLINED. We do not want the hassle of having to choose our favourites from the images. It's also worth saying at this point, don't try and submit another image from the same set a few weeks or even months after the first, we will be checking ;)

- Limitations -

At the moment, each deviant is able to submit up to THREE images a WEEK. However, this limit is only temporary, and once the group begins to accumulate more submissions, it will likely go down to one image a week. However, if a member of our team sends a deviant a request to have an image submitted and the deviant accepts, it will have no effect on the number of images that deviant can personally choose to submit.

- The Team Have The Last Word -

Please note that acceptance or rejection of artwork is at the discretion of the team. If, for any reason, one of our team is insulted or angered by an image then said image will be declined. If we have reason to believe artwork has been stolen/credit has not been given, or if there are ANY violations of DeviantART's terms of service, then the image will be declined. Also, if you are not prepared to deal with your work being rejected from the group then please don't submit!

It is also worth noting that this point that ALL members of our team are very busy people. Life tends to do that to you. So if a submission takes a few days to be accepted or decline, please be patient. We haven't forgotten about you, it's just that real life has sadly gotten in the way.

FINALLY! If you have any questions at all about group guidelines, submissions, the artwork displayed, or the team themselves you are more than welcome to contact us, either in our comment section below or by noting the founder of the group :)

Thank you for reading, and we really hope you love the gallery!

Biauté out x


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